Feeling so grateful to have best friends like mine. It’s ridiculously liberating when you stop being who you think you should be and start being who you ARE; you find the people around you maintain your peace rather than challenge it.

You’ll be surprised how many people disappear from your life when you set a new standard of how you expect to be treated; these are the people who benefitted from your lack of self-love and boundaries. Raising the bar shines a sterile light on your relationships and, although heartbreaking, it’s necessary because you’ll be left with the people who have always seen you for who you are at your core and are supportive of your growth into the most authentic, happy version of yourself.

This girl’s been by my side for the last 8 years and, although we lost each-other in the middle somewhere, we’ve come full circle with more knowledge, better jokes and most importantly, more confidence than ever before. Once upon a time we were worried about getting older and were consumed by society’s pressures of ‘having it all worked out’ in regards to our careers and relationships, but last night we found ourselves gushing about how brilliant your late twenties are and how much fun we’re both having just going with the flow; a testament to the fact that once you settle into who you are, everything seems to fall into place.

‘Let go of the fear of what people may think of you & be your authentic self; like a magnet, you will attract people & things that resonate with you, whilst repelling all that is not meant for you.’

I guess this is growing up.



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