Between Ruins and Eden. This is a possible name for a book I’d like to write or just the name of this blog or something. I’m not sure. But it’s an important title for me because my poetry* is split into two very obvious sections (at least, to me) and if you look on my Instagram you’ll be able to see a distinct shift in my work over time. I call the first section of my work ‘Ruins’. It all links in with the way I felt, my obsession with Ancient Rome, Greece, the great cities, the ruins, the Gods and the Goddesses and everything bigger than ourselves. The images and text evolved from that place, along with the way my mind has shifted. I remember finally coming out of the anxious, self loathing, depressive state I had been floating around in. It turns out ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ was within myself the whole time (another subject for another day). I named this phase of my life Eden and a lot of my current work comes under this bracket. The rest… well… I was in between. I had subcategories for my time in limbo, such as Illuminate, Oracle and Hylas – all sections where I was figuring out (remembering, strengthening) exactly who I was. Illuminate includes work where, looking back, I was on the right track and just needed to trust myself. It involves the beginnings of my spiritualistic journey, which has been a huge part of my recovery (from depression and anxiety caused by low self esteem – there will be so many posts where I’m frank about my journey with this). Oracle was about my positive relationships with people, the ones who had a huge influence on getting me to where I am now and Hylas… well… let’s just say that was a fun, yet erratic, time of meeting new people, having bizarre and amazing conversations where I seriously began to understand who I am and what I need. All of these subcategories lead me to Eden and I will begin to write about them individually soon because there’s so much to say on the topic of self love and empowerment which I really want to share with you all. xxx

*I don’t know if it even is poetry? The majority of my work doesn’t fit a structure. I simply write how I feel or run with a theme. I’m just a girl with a pen (/ iPhone), fuelled by emotion and wonder. And I love illustration. And connecting with people. And forever asking ‘why?’.


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